a two themes quiz answers

The answers to a two themes quiz. If you’ve not done it yet, and want to, head over to that page before reading on.

Part 1 – History

1. Heavy metal heroes Anthrax and synth-pop Sheffielder’s The Human League both wrote songs about the British weekly anthology comic 2000AD’s lead character, Judge Dredd with his catchphrase as the title. What are the songs called?

I am the law

2. Which insurance company advertised using a dog that is voiced by Middlesbrough funny man Bob Mortimer?


3. Which American corporation was founded in 1940 by brothers Richard and Maurice, inventors of the “speedee Service System”, and now serves over 69 million customers in over 100 countries daily?


4. Opened in 2000, what is the name of the environmentally friendly Cornish tourist attraction near St. Austell?

Eden Project

5. Which month has the emerald as its birthstone; was once considered a bad luck month to get married and in Old English is called the ‘month of three milkings’ referring to a time when the cows could be milked three times a day?


6. What is the surname of the adoptive family of Paddington bear?


7. Which ITV soap factory owner and serial womaniser was portrayed by the actor Johnny Briggs between 1976 and 2006?

Mike Baldwin

8. Which 1999 American supernatural horror film was the first film to use the internet for marketing and go viral, despite having been produced before many of the technologies that facilitate such phenomena existed?

Blair Witch Project

9. Who would you expect to be able to create a roof using dry vegetation?

A thatcher

10. What was the name of the character played by John Le Mesurier in the BBC sitcom Dad’s Army?

Sergeant Arthur Wilson

Part 2 – Nature

11 These days, how are the Byker Grove characters PJ and Duncan better known?

Ant and Dec

12 In the Harry Potter films, what animal is Hedwig?


13 How is an orderly – a soldier or airman assigned to a commissioned officer as a personal servant – otherwise known?


14 In North America what term describes the action of walking across a street in violation of traffic law, especially by crossing outside of a marked pedestrian crosswalk at an intersection?


15 “Two kids are stuck at home alone on a rainy day. An anthropomorphized cat appears with two strange companions at their door and wreak havoc, while the kids’ goldfish warns them of these bad characters. In the end, the cat uses a machine to clean up his chaotic mess, all before mom gets home.” was how the author imagined the story of which famous children’s book, first published in 1957?

The Cat in the Hat

16 Born in 1920, who was the American artist, designer, visual effects creator, writer and producer who created a form of stop motion model animation known as ‘Dynamation’, first used in 1953?

Ray Harryhausen

17 Premiered in 1914, which smooth, progressive dance is characterized by long, continuous flowing movements across the dance floor and is danced to big band (usually vocal) music?


18 What English colloquialisms means that something is sold or bought without the buyer knowing its true nature or value, especially when buying without inspecting the item beforehand?

Pig in a poke

19 What is the savoury jelly based on meat or fish stock, used as a relish or as a mould for meat, vegetables, etc., pork pies being a common example of its use?


20 What is the name of the Japanese criminal organization involved in illegal gambling, extortion, gun-running, etc. whose name derives from the name of the worst possible hand in a traditional Japanese card game in which a player’s final score is the last digit of the sum of the values of the player’s hand?



Bonus points for guessing the themes.

British Prime Ministers

Three letter animals