a sheffield pub quiz answers

The answers to a sheffield pub quiz. If you’ve not done it yet, and want to, head over to that page before reading on.

Part 1 questions are paired with their corresponding Part 2 question.

Pub names are shown after each pair

The Snog, Fagan's, Sheffield

Fagan’s, Sheffield and
The Snog, by Pete McKee

1. What is the surname of Mary, Henry, Judy and Jonthan, the foster family of a famous Peruvian native?

Brown (Paddington being the bear from Peru)

20. Who was the 10th and youngest chief scout, replacing Peter Duncan in 2009?

Bear Grylls

Brown Bear

2. What is the name of the ITV sitcom set in the fictional Yorkshire town of Scarsdale which ran from 1974 to 1978?

Oh no, it’s Selwyn Froggit

18. Who or what is a Norwegian Blue?

(Monty Python’s dead) parrot.

Frog & Parrot

3. Which 1969 Gold Rush inspired film was adapted from a 1951 stage musical and spawned a number 1 hit single in the UK?

Paint Your Wagon

24. Silver King, Silver Chief and White Cloud all played the same character on TV, what are they?

Horses (they played The Lone Ranger’s horse, Silver)

Waggon & Horses

4. Commissioned in 1965, 53 feet long and designed to race against times set by 19th century clipper ships, it’s name originates from aircraft used for pioneering work in areal navigation techniques. What is this ketch’s name?

Gypsy Month IV

21. The Clerk of the Closet is the official Chaplin to who?

The Queen

Gypsy Queen

5. Dublin is, amongst other things, famous for having multicoloured what?


29. 80 square miles in size and including two of the highest points in the region – Brown Willy and Rough Tor – this place is purportedly home to a phantom wild cat. What is it called?

Bodmin Moor

Dore Moor

6. Born in 1788, how is this peer, poet, politician and revolutionary in the Greek War of Independence (amongst other things) most commonly known?

Lord Byron

27. Founded in 1284, what is the oldest constituent college at the University of Cambridge?


Byron House

7. What was the title of Haysi Fantayzee’s debut single, released in 1982?

John Wayne is Big Leggy

25. An arborist or (less commonly) arboriculturist, is also called a what?

Tree surgeon

Big Tree

8. What was the profession of the character Skullion in Tom Sharpe’s satirical 1974 novel Porterhouse Blue?

Head porter

23. From 1954 until 1999, packets of what included illustrated cards which you could get albums to store them in and are now highly collectable?

Brooke Bond PG Tips tea

Porter Brook

9. Covered by many, what song did Ray Charles sing in the 1980 film The Blues Brothers?

Shake a Tail Feather

17. The Holy Lance, also known as the Lance of Longinus, is legendarily known as the lance that pierced the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross. By what other name is it known?

Spear of Destiny or Holy Spear


10. What is a macronutrient consisting primarily of carbon and hydrogen atoms and therefore soluble in organic solvents and insoluble in water?


26. What can be described as a group of symptoms that usually involve a lack of movement and communication, and also can include agitation, confusion, and restlessness?


Fat Cat

11. What did Druids regarded as a symbol of fertility and eternal life and thought it to have magical powers?


28. Opened in 1852 by a German immigrant in St. Louis, Missouri, at which US brewery can you see Budweiser Clydesdale draft horses?


Holly Bush

12. What drink recipe, generally containing fruit or fruit juice, was introduced from India to the UK in the early 17th century, and is usually served at parties?


19. In which sport might you hear the terms: foul, double, turkey, frame, burner and golden turkey?

10 pin bowling

Punch Bowl

13. Born in 1540, who was the English sea captain, privateer, slave trader, pirate, naval officer and explorer that carried out the second circumnavigation of the world in a single expedition, from 1577 to 1158?

Francis Drake

16. What is the SI unit of force?


Francis Newton

14. What do the following currently have in common: Odeon Cinema Sheffield; Brazilian land borders; Notre-Dame International High School, Paris; Ueno Zoo, Tokyo, Japan and 11 cemeteries in Pembrokeshire?

They are all closed

22. What might you have said to have done to someone if you had reported them to the police for doing something illegal?

Shopped them

Closed Shop

15. What is a bundle of wood sticks or billets that is 3 feet in length and 2 feet in circumference?


30. What can be a Belgian municipality, a village in Denmark, a Dutch female first name or the station code of Ainsdale Railway Station near Stockport?