A prototype extension to brighten up check boxes and radio buttons by replacing the controls with images of your choice.


Tested with Prototype v1.6.0.2 on:


Proto Check v1.0 released

24 February 2008

The first version of Proto Check has been released. It's just over 4kb, and that's before any compression.


Radio buttons

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How To Use

Include prototype and Proto Check JavaScript source files.

<script src='prototype.js' type='text/javascript'></script>
<script src='protocheck.js' type='text/javascript'></script>

Include a Proto Check stylesheet. Make sure the image files are available to the page.

<link href='pc.css' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' media='screen' />

Once the DOM has loaded, instantiate Proto Check. This only needs to be done once per page.

document.observe('dom:loaded', function() {
   new ProtoCheck();

Finally, set your markup for the input checkboxes and radio buttons that you want Proto Check to find. Each input tag must be wrapped in a label tag, the label tag should have the class pc_checkbox or pc_radiobutton.

<label class='pc_checkbox'>
   <input type='checkbox' name='check1' value='on'> Checkbox example 1</label>
<label class='pc_radiobutton'>
   <input type='radio' name='radio1' value='1'> Radio example 1</label>


Proto Check accepts an optional array of options as a parameter that define the CSS classes used by Proto Check. The following shows the availbale options and the default values:

new ProtoCheck({

Instantiate Proto Check for the page - do this within a page loaded/DOM loaded check.

   'checkClass':           'pc_checkbox',
   'radioClass':           'pc_radiobutton',

CSS classes used to identify checkbox and radio button LABEL tags that Proto Check will act on.

   'checkOnClass':         'pc_check_checked',            // A checked checkbox
   'checkOffClass':        'pc_check_unchecked',          // An unchecked checkbox
   'checkOnDisabledClass': 'pc_check_checked_disabled',   // Disabled checked checkbox
   'checkOffDisabledClass':'pc_check_unchecked_disabled', // Disabled unchecked checkbox

CSS classes for checkbox labels when the checkbox is checked, unchecked and disabled. This would normally include an background background image.

   'radioOnClass':         'pc_radio_checked',            // A checked radio button
   'radioOffClass':        'pc_radio_unchecked',          // An unchecked radio button
   'radioOnDisabledClass': 'pc_radio_checked_disabled',   // Disabled checked radio button
   'radioOffDisabledClass':'pc_radio_unchecked_disabled', // Disabled unchecked radio button

CSS classes for radio button labels when the checkbox is checked, unchecked and disabled. This would normally include an background background image.

   'focusClass':           'pc_focus'                     // A checkbox/radio button with focus

CSS class for checkbox and radio button LABEL tags when the field has focus

Sample stylesheet

A sample stylesheet that uses the default Proto Check styles:

.pc_checkbox, .pc_radiobutton {
   background-position: 3px center;
   background-repeat:   no-repeat;
   border:              1px solid #fff;
   padding-left:        24px;
.pc_check_unchecked {
   background-image:    url(images/check_off.gif);
.pc_check_checked {
   background-image:    url(images/check_on.gif);
.pc_radio_unchecked {
   background-image:    url(images/radio_off.gif);
.pc_radio_checked {
   background-image:    url(images/radio_on.gif);
.pc_check_checked_disabled {
   background-image:    url(images/check_off_disabled.gif);
.pc_check_unchecked_disabled {
   background-image:    url(images/check_on_disabled.gif);
.pc_radio_checked_disabled {
   background-image:    url(images/radio_off_disabled.gif);
.pc_radio_unchecked_disabled {
   background-image:    url(images/radio_on_disabled.gif);
.pc_focus {
   background-color:    #ffa;
   border:              1px dotted #000;


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