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e107 Plugins launched!

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Mon 28 May 2007 - 17:58:43

* A new web resource for e107 plugins

So you may be wondering why there's not been much activity here for a while, well...

After several solid weeks of effort from myself & a few beta testers e107 plugins is launched!

The site intends on being the greatest resource for e107 plugins & news. Featuring excellent tools for both plugin hunters & developers.

A few of the key features are:
  • Easy to use 'search' function based on plugin tags
  • 'New releases' section to find the latest releases
  • Thorough rating system to help you find quality plugins
  • Search system will support by author, plugin name and tags added by the community

Features for plugin authors:
  • Versioning system available to allow ease of upgrading
  • Prompt, easy to use upload system
  • System available to announce new plugins and releases

The new site is now launched & available so you can check it out here.

While there aren't many plugins there yet please continue checking back as many will be getting added daily.

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Plugins for e107 0.7.x

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