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Fri 24 November 2006 - 05:52:23

* e107 0.7.6 releases

I'm in the process of checking and updating all my plugins with e107 0.7.6.

Most are working OK as they are but there's a couple of little tweaks to do. I'm also trying to clear down my reported bugs list at the same time.

So the plan is to release plugins here as beta Release Candidates until they are all ready and then release them all properly. They will all then be using and working with the same version of the e107 Helper Project plugin, which can only be a good thing.

So far, there are release candidates for:
  • Bugtracker3 v1.0(completely re-written Bugtracker2 with loads more features)
  • Contact Form v1.7
  • ePlayer v1.91
  • User Journals v0.9
  • e107 Helper Project v1.0

If you download and try any of these and have problems, please report them in the Bugtracker at this site.


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Plugins for e107 - Language files

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06:28, 30-Oct-2005
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11:49, 29-Oct-2005
* ePlayer v1.5/1.51 Spanish
13:49, 22-Aug-2005

Plugins for e107 0.6x/0.7x

* e107 Helper Project 0.8
17:36, 31-Aug-2006
* e107 Helper Project 0.6 beta 2
18:07, 08-Mar-2006
* User Journals v0.5
13:44, 27-Dec-2005

Plugins for e107 0.7.x

* Timeout Popup
19:03, 28-Feb-2011
* UserJournals v1.1
14:50, 01-May-2009
* New plugin news
17:30, 20-Nov-2008


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03:19, 04-Mar-2008


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