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Bugtracker 3 v1.0 RC3

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Tue 21 November 2006 - 18:13:10

* Beta release available

Bugtracker3, a replacement for Bugtracker2 (R.I.P.), is coming soon.

At the moment, a beta version is in use on this site - check the Bugtracker3 link.

At first glance Bugtracker3 looks quite similar to Bugtracker2, but this is not the case behind the scenes - Bugtracker3 is a complete re-write from the ground up.

For a start 90% of the front end pages are templated, giving you the ability to switch templates and develop your own unique look.

There's also a new 'filter' page - filters determine what is displayed when viewing lists of bugs for an application. It allows each user to create as many filters as they like which are then selectable from the bugs list page. Filters can also be made public to be shared with other users.

The other major change is in the database tables and admin area. The site admin now has much more control over the applications and the way categories, priorities, etc. are associate with applications has changed.

Finally, there is an option to import the Bugtracker2 data, allowing you to try Bugtracker3 without upsetting Bugtracker2 (or run them side by side if you so wish).

The release plan for Bugtracker3 is to get the first version out in next couple of weeks or so. There will then be a number of follow up releases which will (a) fix any reported bugs and (b) add new functionality. The idea behind adding new functionality in later releases is to let people start using it sooner rather than later and also it gives me an incentive to get out a bug fixed version too (something which sometimes has taken too long in the past).

Tue 21 November 2006

Release candidate 4 is now available.

Bugtracker3 v1.0 RC4 available for download now. You will also need The e107 Helper Project v1.0 RC4.

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