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Agenda v1.6

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Wed 03 May 2006 - 17:02:27

* Control your time, control your life

v1.6 of Agenda has been release.

Agenda is a calendar, appointment and event organiser.

Download Agenda from here

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Agenda is configurable from the Admin area of e107. Many aspects of Agenda can be configured, from who can add and maintain entries to styles used for drawing calendar views to managing types and categories - plus much more. Agenda requires the [link=http://www.e107coders.org/download.php?view.1251]e107 Helper Project [/link]to be installed. Use normal e107 plugin installtion procedures to install Agenda: - Back up your e107_agenda_* tables first (just in case) - Upload plugin, overwriting existing files - Update from Plugin manager Post install, run a Database Validity Check and fix any issues. I have seen some problems where databases were out of sync but not 100% sure why (maybe incorrect upgrade path). Anyway, this step should fix any issues you may have. Please report any bugs and feature requests [link=http://www.bugrain.com/e107_plugins/bugtracker2/bugtracker2.php]here[/link] Note: I've marked v1.6 as being for e107 0.7 only. However, it may well work on e107 0.617x. I'm not aware of anything in this release that would not work in 0.617x, though it has not been tested. Features: * Multiple calendar views - including day, week, month, year * Multiple calendar entry types - timed, untimed, floating * Entry types can be defined by the site administrator * Categories can be subscribed to to get e-mail notification of upcoming events * Event registration allows users to respond to a question about the event * Can be used for individual calendars - users only see their own entries * Configure who can add and maintain entries globally or by entry type * Calendar navigation can be displayed on main page or in Calendar menu * Configure the display of the calendar and individual views 1.6 (03May2006) + Mark private entries so obvious they are private * (steved 14Jan2006, e-mail) Calendar menu shows negative totals on days with no events and incorrect month total. * (shmuelios 01Apr2006 bugrain forum) clicking Register or Deregister it displays \'undefined\' * (bugrain) Recent entries shows private entries when it should not * (Benji Selano 08Jan2006 e-mail) When defining in the General Preferences that the week starts on Sunday, the Calendar app (When selecting the Start\\End date of a task) always starts on Monday. * (bugrain 05Dec2005) Comments added to events are not showing up correctly in \'latest\' menus * (KVN 15Nov2005) Default value for agn_end column should be -1. * (bugrain) Fix anchor link URL in Next Weeks menu * (bugrain) 2 day view not showing 2nd day items correctly (at all?)

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