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e107 Helper Ajax demo page

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Sat 11 March 2006 - 04:08:58

* A demo page of the e107 Helper Ajax functionality

I've put together the attached three files which demos four of the features:
* Populating part of the page (which is what you want)
* Popups - two type: 'Please wait..' type and 'I have done something...' type
* Javascript alerts (with text from server)
* Text field auto-completion (this is recent and, I think, really nice)

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I've tried to comment the code as much as possible to say what is being done. The basic structure is: * ajaxdemo.php - the page you load in the browser that sets up the various demos * ajaxdemo.js - the javascript, kept in a separate file for easier maintenance * ajaxdemo_handler.php - the PHP script called to process the Ajax request To install just unzip to your e107_plugins folder (should crate a folder called "ajaxdemo", unsurprisingly!) with the three files to that folder. [b]Note: this is not a plugin, just some demo pages so you should be able to install them anywhere as long as all three files are together. You will alos need the e107 Helper Project plugin v0.5b or higher.[/b] [b]These pages are supplied 'as is' but I'll try to answer any questions as and when they occur.[/b] [file=request.php?ajaxdemo.zip]ajaxdemo.zip[/file]

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