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e107 Helper Project 0.6 beta 2

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Wed 08 March 2006 - 18:07:04

* Plugin Writing So Easy Even A Themer Could Do It :)

Various, as yet undocumented, changes.

Reason for update is to support changes to Bugtracker2 updates I have done.

Should be backward compatible with all of my plugins that use it.

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Plugin programmers using this plugin should contact me before using if relying on return value from the processForm function (as this has changed). [b]Submitted by bugrain[/b] [color=#990000][b]Now include bugfix for parse error noted in comments from judy323. Please download again if you got a version before 09 March 2006. Only changed file is e107helper_class.php. Thanks.[/b][/color] [file=request.php?pub_e107_helper_project_v0.6b2.zip]e107 Helper Project[/file]

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