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Bugtracker2 v1.1. beta 2

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Wed 08 March 2006 - 17:58:31

* Manage bugs and feature requests

Beta version of updates to Bugtracker2 (by murphy).

Note: needs e107 Helper Project 0.6 or better

Please report any bugs here.

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Changes from 1.0: + (various) Added ability for users to add comments to a bug (requires e107 Helper Project plugin) + (bugrain) Added integration with e107 search + (bugrain) Add search field to bugtracker2 main page + (bugrain) Filtering by priority (similar to filtering by status) + (bugrain) Improve summary pages (application list, bug list) to provide breakdown by status + (bugrain) Improve summary pages (application list, bug list) to provide breakdown by priority + (bugrain) Add a small icon for admin area + (bugrain) Added priority column to bug list + (bugrain) Added owner column to bug list + (bugrain) Added option to 'view my bugs' + (bugrain) Changed navigation links to a drop down list * (bugrain) Fixed display of admin menu options for e107 0.7+ * (bugrain) Fixed some PHP warnings * (bugrain) Fixed emoticon display for e107 0.7+ * (bugrain) Correctly reports an error if there was a problem trying to add a bug to the database * (bugrain) Correctly reports an error if there was a problem trying to update a bug in the database * (bugrain) Correctly reports an error when mandatory fields are missing when submitting a bug * (bugrain) Redirect to application list page on successfull add or update of a bug * (Antifreeze) Can't post apostrophe's in Application Name or Description * (bugrain) Failure to update an application in admin area is not reported. * (bugrain) Order user list drop down on edit bug form ! (bugrain) Language file changes ! (bugrain) Redesigned captions and removed (redundant) 1st line after caption of each page ! (bugrain) Redesigned some forms ! (bugrain) Changes to use styles (rather than rows/columns) for textareas ! (bugrain) Labels for mandatory fields when submitting a bug now have an asterisk ! (bugrain) Moved navigation links to top of page (below caption) ! (bugrain) Moved emote2() function to bugtracker2_main.php ! (bugrain) Moved option to view all bugs so not associated with status (as other filtering is now possible) [b]Submitted by bugrain[/b] [file=request.php?pub_bugtracker2_bugrain_v1_1_beta2.zip]Bugtracker2[/file]

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Plugins for e107 - Language files

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06:28, 30-Oct-2005
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11:49, 29-Oct-2005
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Plugins for e107 0.6x/0.7x

* e107 Helper Project 0.8
17:36, 31-Aug-2006
* e107 Helper Project 0.6 beta 2
18:07, 08-Mar-2006
* User Journals v0.5
13:44, 27-Dec-2005

Plugins for e107 0.7.x

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14:50, 01-May-2009
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