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User Journals v0.5

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Tue 27 December 2005 - 13:44:44

* Blog your life away

I made some updates to the User Journals plugin and it now available from my download area and e107coders.org.

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Changes in this release: + (bugrain, 11Dec2005) Add e_list.php to show new blogs in the e107 list new/recent menus and pages. + (bugrain, 11Dec2005) Allow admins to delete blogs. + (wolfey, e107coders, 12Dec2005) Add main page with options as per 'Blog Writer' menu. + (srfax, e107coders, 11Dec2005) Include photo from user profiles on bloggers main page. + (bugrain, 11Dec2005) Add RSS links, make optional. + (70r3, e107coders, 18Dec2005) Add option to publish blogs (to allow blogs to be written over time and published when finished) + (bugrain) Add a link to 'all blogs' * (bugrain, 11Dec2005) List of bloggers (menu and default page) should be ordered by most recent poster. * (GileS@e107coders, 12Dec2005) User names with spaces show with %20 instead of space. * (bugrain, 16Dec2005) Synopsis and blogs are not parsed for BB codes * (70r3, bugtracker@e107coders, 19Dec2005) Mood settings need language translation [b]Note that it needs the e107 Helper Project plugin (available [link=http://www.bugrain.com/download.php?view.50]here[/link] and also at [link=http://www.e107coders.org/download.php?view.1152]e107coders.org[/link]).[/b]

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Plugins for e107 - Language files

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06:28, 30-Oct-2005
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11:49, 29-Oct-2005
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Plugins for e107 0.6x/0.7x

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17:36, 31-Aug-2006
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18:07, 08-Mar-2006
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13:44, 27-Dec-2005

Plugins for e107 0.7.x

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