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Contact Form v1.5

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Sun 26 June 2005 - 07:42:18

* Now uses Update Checker

Contact Form v1.5 now uses the Update Checker plugin (available here) to automatically check for updates.

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It can be downloaded from [color=#ff0000][u][link=http://www.bugrain.com/download.php?view.12]here[/link] [/u][/color]

ePlayer 1.2

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Sun 26 June 2005 - 06:25:23

* User remote files and allow users to add comments

ePlayer, the media clip player for e107, has been updated.

It now provides the ability to reference remote clips so you don't have to upload files to your website. Just enter the full URL of the file, the rest is the same as for local clips.

In addition, users can now post comments about each clip.

Finally, ePlayer now uses Update Checker v1.0 to inform Admins when new versions are available.

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No longer availbale for download

Update Checker v1.0

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Sun 26 June 2005 - 06:20:04

* A plugin for plugin makers

Update Checker is a small plugin that can be used bu other plugins to check for the availability of upgrades.

Plugin makers: if you want to use this it's really easy.

Add a few lines to your plugins admin menu file (or files) and upload a version file to your website. When the Admin using your plugin visits the admin section for your plugin they will be notified by a message at the top of the page about the availabilty of updates to your plugin.

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It can be obtained from [color=#ff0000][u][link=http://www.bugrain.com/download.php?view.10]Update Checker v1.0[/link][/u][/color].
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Plugins for e107 - Language files

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06:28, 30-Oct-2005
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11:49, 29-Oct-2005
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13:49, 22-Aug-2005

Plugins for e107 0.6x/0.7x

* e107 Helper Project 0.8
17:36, 31-Aug-2006
* e107 Helper Project 0.6 beta 2
18:07, 08-Mar-2006
* User Journals v0.5
13:44, 27-Dec-2005

Plugins for e107 0.7.x

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19:03, 28-Feb-2011
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14:50, 01-May-2009
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17:30, 20-Nov-2008


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03:19, 04-Mar-2008


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09:00, 22-Mar-2008
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03:38, 09-Aug-2007
* New Site Theme: bugrain3
20:17, 19-Apr-2007

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