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* iPod Touch [ Show blog ]
07:20, 04-Dec-2008
Categories: Gadgets, JavaScript
Decided to finally upgrade my iPod Classic (5Gb) and ordered an iPod Touch. Having recently seen one in action I have to admit I was hooked. The last 'upgrade' was a new battery for the iPod (cost £4...
* scriptingenabled [ Show blog ]
17:46, 22-Sep-2008
I don't seem to write much here but thought it worth mentioning a conference/hack day I attended last week.

scriptingenabled was about getting geeks and non-geeks talking.

It's the first time I've been ...
* duder [ Show blog ]
13:02, 28-Mar-2008
Categories: JavaScript, Prototype
So there I was on the #prototype IRC channel trying to help a guy out when up pops duder. Never seen him/her on there before but nevertheless I tried to answer his question - then things got a little ...
* new theme [ Show blog ]
13:31, 27-Apr-2007
Categories: Website
Quick blog

So you may have noticed there's a new theme here - with a selection of 'skins'.

Well, I was getting bored of the old theme and I wanted to try a few things out - some dynamic menus, les...
* 0.7.7 compatible plugins [ Show blog ]
23:27, 09-Jan-2007
Categories: Contact Form, e107, e107 Helper, e107 Plugins, ePlayer, User Journals, Website
What's the point of having a blog and maintaining the blog software if I don't actually write in it?

Not a lot, really, just can't seem to get in to the habit and I'm not sure it really gets read much ...
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