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Application Bugtracker3 (feature requests) Description Feature requests for bugtracker3 - what do you want to see in the next version.

Current release candidate v1.0 RC6
Owner bugrain
#250 [New feature] e_status in admin
Posted by alexx Sat 09 December 2006 - 06:11:13 Last updated by bugrain Fri 15 December 2006 - 04:11:11
Priority Low Resolution Rejected
Status Closed Implemented in version
Maby its a good idea to add an e_status.php page?
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bugrain (Comments: 372)


I thought about this and discounted it, mainly because the admin pages are about configuring bugtracker whilst all the bug management is done through the front end (user) pages so couldn't see much point.

If it was added, what would you expect to see?
alexx (Comments: 8)

Re: Maybe...

I tried it out my self and i added just the amout of bugs submitted..but it's not realy useful for anything so I discarded it
bugrain (Comments: 372)

Re: Maybe...


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