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Application Bugtracker3 (feature requests) Description Feature requests for bugtracker3 - what do you want to see in the next version.

Current release candidate v1.0 RC6
Owner bugrain
#210 [New feature] Bugs and Features in the same project
Posted by bugrain Thu 23 November 2006 - 18:24:57 Last updated by bugrain Thu 23 November 2006 - 18:24:57
Priority Low Resolution New
Status Open Implemented in version
Don't like the way 'bug' apps and 'feature' apps need to be separate.

Too much overhead with managing version numbers for a start (duplicated between apps).

Need to come up with a way of merging the two types of apps so, for example, users can post bugs and features requests to an application from the same page (and the system knows the type of the post).
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