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Application Bugtracker3 (feature requests) Description Feature requests for bugtracker3 - what do you want to see in the next version.

Current release candidate v1.0 RC6
Owner bugrain
#166 [New feature] Description Words Bold
Posted by acidfire Fri 10 November 2006 - 12:45:50 Last updated by bugrain Fri 10 November 2006 - 14:12:41
Priority Low Resolution Rejected
Status Closed Implemented in version
Maybe make the main text bold so it stands out more. Make Application,Description,Owner, exe all bold. On my site you see all the text and the text description blends in with all the other text. Hope that makes since
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Developer comments

14:12, 10-Nov-2006 (bugrain) This can (and indeed, should) be done in the templates.


acidfire (Comments: 15)

Yep after I posted the feature I thought about it and it would be easy to add bold using the template

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