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ePlayer (bugs) ePlayer (bugs) Versions
Current version1.91_rc1
Current betaNone at this time
Current release candidateNone at this time
Description Post bugs in ePlayer v1.9
Owner bugrain Bugs 9
Category 0 Admin, 0 JavaScript, 0 Templates, 7 Core, 0 GUI, 2 Script, 0 Install Status 6 Open, 3 Closed
Priority 1 Low, 8 Medium, 0 High, 0 Critical Resolution 4 Unconfirmed, 0 Pending, 0 Fixed, 0 New, 0 Duplicate, 1 Invalid, 0 Later, 2 Out of date, 0 Rejected, 0 Awaiting Feedback, 0 Won't fix, 0 Can't Reproduce, 2 Pending release
Documentation Forum page
ID Summary Posted by Owner Status Priority Resolution
#506 Receive error when trying to add category
[Core] 08:57, 23-Aug-2008
cgcarter1 bugrain Closed Medium Out of date
#494 Width maximum failing
[Core] 21:50, 13-Jul-2008
Alex bugrain Open Medium Unconfirmed
#489 Maximum execution time exceeded - listing files?
[Script] 04:37, 30-Jun-2008
2dopey bugrain Closed Medium Invalid
#483 Unable to Add Clips, Categories or Edit Same
[Core] 04:05, 02-Jun-2008
DDI Carolina bugrain Closed Medium Out of date
#470 Ascending / Descending order not working
[Core] 03:08, 06-Mar-2008
CrispyRT bugrain Open Medium Unconfirmed
#392 plugin edit issue
[Script] 18:04, 02-Jun-2007
SecretR bugrain Open Medium Unconfirmed
#361 Found in LATEST RC. I cannot add Cats.
[Core] 02:58, 09-Apr-2007
teamcoltra bugrain Open Medium Unconfirmed
#214 Debug code adding entries in admin
[Core] 16:33, 10-Jan-2007
bugrain bugrain Open Low Pending release
#213 Upload fails if no date entered
[Core] 15:48, 10-Jan-2007
bugrain bugrain Open Medium Pending release