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Trigger (bugs) Trigger (bugs) Versions
Current version1.0
Current betaNone at this time
Current release candidateNone at this time
Description Trigger is plugin that acts on e107 event triggers.
Owner bugrain Bugs 11
Category 2 Admin, 0 JavaScript, 0 Templates, 0 e107 integration, 0 Images, 0 Stylesheets, 9 Core, 0 GUI, 0 Script, 0 Install Status 5 Open, 6 Closed
Priority 0 Low, 8 Medium, 2 High, 1 Critical Resolution 0 Unconfirmed, 0 Pending, 2 Fixed, 4 New, 3 Duplicate, 0 Invalid, 0 Later, 0 Out of date, 1 Rejected, 0 Awaiting Feedback, 0 Won't fix, 0 Can't Reproduce, 1 Pending release
Documentation Forum page -link-
ID Summary Posted by Owner Status Priority Resolution
#548 Trigger not sending posting to forum - interaction between sections may be at fault
[Core] 06:34, 02-Jul-2009
sjgarth bugrain Open Medium New
#546 Trigger oversees class settings when posting a news article
[Core] 16:51, 01-Apr-2009
Knutars bugrain Open High New
#545 Wrong path to forum if you have installed e207 in sub directory
[Core] 11:44, 26-Mar-2009
Knutars bugrain Open Medium New
#518 News to forum bug
[Core] 03:58, 18-Oct-2008
Du@L bugrain Open Medium Pending release
#509 TRigger no longer posting news to forums
[Core] 12:38, 31-Aug-2008
raziel23x bugrain Open Critical New
#505 Trigger v1.2 Submitted News button
[Core] 04:00, 18-Oct-2008
raziel23x bugrain Closed High Duplicate
#493 Submitted Newsror
[Admin] 04:00, 18-Oct-2008
Taffman bugrain Closed Medium Duplicate
#479 allows all users to see news in Forum
[Core] 16:14, 23-Apr-2008
Hemarr bugrain Closed Medium Duplicate
#478 allows all users to see news in Forum
[Core] 16:25, 23-Apr-2008
Hemarr bugrain Closed Medium Rejected
#455 File Missing from 1.1 Install
[Admin] 07:17, 17-Jan-2008
uglybob08 bugrain Closed Medium Fixed
#406 Failure to create forum post on news submission
[Core] 04:02, 18-Oct-2008
nsno bugrain Closed Medium Fixed