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Election (bugs) Election (bugs) Versions
Current version0.5
Current betaNone at this time
Current release candidateNone at this time
Description Plugin to allow the holding of elections.
Owner bugrain Bugs 12
Category 0 Admin, 0 JavaScript, 1 Templates, 1 e107 integration, 7 Core, 2 GUI, 0 Script, 1 Install Status 7 Open, 5 Closed
Priority 2 Low, 6 Medium, 1 High, 3 Critical Resolution 0 Unconfirmed, 0 Pending, 4 Fixed, 7 New, 1 Duplicate, 0 Invalid, 0 Later, 0 Out of date, 0 Rejected, 0 Awaiting Feedback, 0 Won't fix, 0 Can't Reproduce, 0 Pending release
Documentation Forum page -link-
ID Summary Posted by Owner Status Priority Resolution
#536 Images, Calendar not working
[Core] 21:12, 17-Feb-2009
dyerry bugrain Open Critical New
#535 Images, Calendar not working
[Core] 07:34, 18-Feb-2009
dyerry bugrain Closed Critical Duplicate
#482 Can't change sort order
[Core] 09:08, 22-May-2008
Mutley dot org bugrain Open Medium New
#469 Cannot enter candidates' names
[Core] 21:46, 13-Feb-2008
RCurtis bugrain Open Critical New
#468 Readme screen points to an e107 wiki page that does not exist
[Core] 21:32, 13-Feb-2008
RCurtis bugrain Open Low New
#465 User only allowed to vote once.
[Core] 11:24, 10-Feb-2008
ScoutZilla bugrain Closed Low Fixed
#432 The post-vote screen and the REview your Vote screen are both teh wrong screen...
[GUI] 08:54, 01-Sep-2007
vangoghnads bugrain Open Medium New
#431 short_handler object method error
[Core] 14:56, 25-Aug-2007
bugrain Open High New
#297 Comments and ratings can not be turned off in preferences
[GUI] 11:24, 10-Feb-2008
bugrain bugrain Closed Medium Fixed
#296 Templates not picked up
[Templates] 11:24, 10-Feb-2008
bugrain bugrain Closed Medium Fixed
#292 Search is broken
[e107 integration] 11:24, 10-Feb-2008
bugrain bugrain Closed Medium Fixed
#291 Config link after install is incorrect
[Install] 18:36, 03-Jan-2007
bugrain bugrain Open Medium New