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Auction (bugs) Auction (bugs) Versions
Current version1.1
Current betaNone at this time
Current release candidateNone at this time
Description An Auction plugin for the e107 CMS.

Current release candidate v1.0 RC1
Owner bugrain Bugs 17
Category 2 Admin, 0 JavaScript, 0 Templates, 0 e107 integration, 7 Core, 0 GUI, 3 Script, 5 Install Status 13 Open, 4 Closed
Priority 1 Low, 8 Medium, 5 High, 3 Critical Resolution 0 Unconfirmed, 0 Pending, 1 Fixed, 9 New, 0 Duplicate, 3 Invalid, 0 Later, 0 Out of date, 0 Rejected, 2 Awaiting Feedback, 0 Won't fix, 0 Can't Reproduce, 2 Pending release
Documentation Forum page
ID Summary Posted by Owner Status Priority Resolution
#562 Auction and lightbox
[Script] 18:16, 24-May-2011
styx bugrain Closed Medium Invalid
#552 create auction is imposible for web with many user
[Core] 18:05, 14-Aug-2009
ldp bugrain Open High New
#537 Can not configure
[Admin] 21:47, 06-Mar-2009
Raven bugrain Open Medium New
#530 e_search.php has a new line after the PHP closing tag
[Core] 10:06, 29-Jan-2009
jongag1 bugrain Open Low New
#521 Bids viewable but not editable
[Core] 13:12, 17-Nov-2008
gutisse bugrain Open Medium New
#515 After installation
[Install] 14:34, 17-Sep-2008
gutisse bugrain Closed Critical Invalid
#490 CRC-Errors: e107_plugins/auction/auction.crc
[Install] 01:25, 28-Jun-2008
worshiploud bugrain Closed High Fixed
#466 Can submit new lots to closed auctions
[Core] 03:13, 11-Feb-2008
infozone bugrain Open Critical New
#448 Reserve amount gets reset
[Core] 07:31, 07-Jan-2008
infozone bugrain Open High New
#405 Payment recieved msg box
[Core] 21:41, 20-Jun-2007
Penbrock bugrain Open High New
#379 Tables fail to create
[Install] 06:26, 29-May-2007
2dopey bugrain Open High New
#353 Email
[Admin] 04:29, 04-Apr-2007
Fivestar bugrain Open Medium New
#351 Cannot view auction bids
[Install] 17:38, 02-Apr-2007
Fivestar bugrain Open Medium Pending release
#350 getting error
[Core] 11:06, 01-Apr-2007
styx bugrain Closed Medium Invalid
#327 Search is not working
[Script] 17:57, 30-Jan-2007
jongag1 bugrain Open Medium Awaiting Feedback
#326 Item not clickable
[Script] 17:55, 30-Jan-2007
jongag1 bugrain Open Critical Awaiting Feedback
#258 Install failure
[Install] 10:38, 11-Dec-2006
bugrain bugrain Open Medium Pending release