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UserJournals (bugs) UserJournals (bugs) Versions
Current version0.8
Current betaNone at this time
Current release candidateNone at this time
Description Post bugs in UserJournals v0.8
Owner bugrain Bugs 18
Category 14 Core, 4 GUI, 0 Script, 0 Install Status 8 Open, 10 Closed
Priority 1 Low, 11 Medium, 5 High, 1 Critical Resolution 8 Unconfirmed, 0 Pending, 6 Fixed, 0 New, 0 Duplicate, 1 Invalid, 0 Later, 3 Out of date, 0 Rejected, 0 Awaiting Feedback, 0 Won't fix, 0 Can't Reproduce, 0 Pending release
Documentation Forum page
ID Summary Posted by Owner Status Priority Resolution
#569 Problems saving posts
[Core] 09:11, 07-Dec-2012
aidee bugrain Open High Unconfirmed
#568 Showing unpublished blog when more than 1 category selected.
[Core] 17:40, 24-Jun-2011
Babymaggie bugrain Open Medium Unconfirmed
#561 Rating Is Broken.
[Core] 15:18, 17-Oct-2010
worshiploud bugrain Open Medium Unconfirmed
#558 Blogs don't show up on main page.
[Core] 14:38, 17-Apr-2010
Nathan P. bugrain Open Low Unconfirmed
#522 Pics with tiny mce do not show up
[Core] 14:29, 20-Feb-2011
cogitum bugrain Closed High Invalid
#520 Blog Entry Display
[Core] 07:22, 01-Nov-2008
Migs bugrain Open Medium Unconfirmed
#423 Cannot save blog or synopsis
[Core] 08:04, 08-Aug-2007
The BFG bugrain Open Medium Unconfirmed
#375 Blog Menu Does Not Display
[Core] 01:37, 03-May-2007
JonR bugrain Open Medium Unconfirmed
#335 Blog Comments don't show
[Core] 03:59, 16-Feb-2007
JonR bugrain Open Medium Unconfirmed
#123 Loss of synopsis
[Core] 05:35, 11-Dec-2006
Egria bugrain Closed Medium Fixed
#114 HTML Tags Showing In Blog When Not Logged In
[GUI] 21:09, 09-Jan-2007
postal bugrain Closed Medium Out of date
#91 # of bloggers in menu affecting userjournals.php
[Core] 05:35, 11-Dec-2006
webturtle0 bugrain Closed Medium Fixed
#89 New/recent entries are incorrect
[GUI] 12:50, 08-Nov-2006
bugrain bugrain Closed Medium Fixed
#78 fatal error
[Core] 21:10, 09-Jan-2007
Marishka bugrain Closed Critical Out of date
#77 userjournals_menu/userjournals.php problem
[Core] 05:35, 11-Dec-2006
Marishka bugrain Closed High Fixed
#39 Subject line missing
[Core] 21:11, 09-Jan-2007
Hobbz bugrain Closed Medium Out of date
#29 Blogger name at top of page can be wrong
[GUI] 12:50, 08-Nov-2006
bugrain bugrain Closed High Fixed
#28 Menu links to individual bloggers are broken
[GUI] 12:50, 08-Nov-2006
bugrain bugrain Closed High Fixed