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Yellow Pages (bugs) Yellow Pages (bugs) Versions
Current version1.1
Current beta2.0b1
Current release candidateNone at this time
Description Post bugs in Yellow Pages
Owner bugrain Bugs 13
Category 0 Admin, 1 JavaScript, 0 Templates, 0 e107 integration, 8 Core, 3 GUI, 1 Script, 0 Install Status 10 Open, 3 Closed
Priority 3 Low, 9 Medium, 1 High, 0 Critical Resolution 6 Unconfirmed, 0 Pending, 1 Fixed, 0 New, 0 Duplicate, 1 Invalid, 0 Later, 2 Out of date, 0 Rejected, 0 Awaiting Feedback, 0 Won't fix, 0 Can't Reproduce, 3 Pending release
Documentation Forum page
ID Summary Posted by Owner Status Priority Resolution
#529 e_search.php has a new line after the PHP closing tag
[Core] 10:03, 29-Jan-2009
jongag1 bugrain Open Medium Unconfirmed
#492 bug : yellowpages_entry + yellowpages_user
[Core] 19:55, 08-Jul-2008
fassbinder bugrain Open High Unconfirmed
#487 Search is case-sensitieve
[Core] 03:19, 27-Jun-2008
jongag1 bugrain Closed Medium Invalid
#485 Getting "Fatal error:" and I have no reason why ...
[Script] 14:56, 31-May-2008
surprise411 bugrain Open Medium Unconfirmed
#371 JavaScript file yellowpages.js missing
[JavaScript] 02:27, 27-Apr-2007
liam_1437 bugrain Open Low Pending release
#369 Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds
[Core] 02:33, 15-Apr-2007
fassbinder bugrain Open Medium Unconfirmed
#347 missing preference to allow setting of the global template
[Core] 13:17, 30-Mar-2007
AageM bugrain Open Medium Unconfirmed
#345 No possibility to give comments
[Core] 13:07, 30-Mar-2007
AageM bugrain Open Medium Unconfirmed
#333 Fixup breadcrumb trail
[GUI] 13:32, 07-Feb-2007
bugrain bugrain Open Low Pending release
#182 In IE the page is aligned to the left.
[GUI] 13:31, 07-Feb-2007
jongag1 bugrain Closed Medium Out of date
#181 "View by category" and "View A-Z" are not covered in a language file
[Core] 19:02, 06-Feb-2007
jongag1 bugrain Closed Low Out of date
#55 Show up in search despite visability settings
[Core] 17:13, 29-Mar-2007
ICN bugrain Open Medium Pending release
#46 Missing entries from drop down lists
[GUI] 19:41, 25-Jan-2007
bugrain bugrain Open Medium Fixed