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Application UserJournals (feature requests) Owner bugrain
Description Feature requests for future versions of UserJournals
Features requested 18 Status 13 Open, 5 Closed
Priority 4 Low, 11 Medium, 3 High, 0 Critical Resolution 0 Pending, 12 New, 5 Implemented, 0 Duplicate, 0 Later, 0 Out of date, 1 Rejected, 0 Awaiting Feedback, 0 Pending release
ID Summary Posted by Status Priority Resolution
#563 Add password to the blog
16:31, 19-Jun-2011
Babymaggie Open Medium New
#560 No Need For Menus
15:07, 17-Oct-2010
worshiploud Open Medium New
#541 User individual RSS Feeds
06:48, 13-Mar-2009
mankan Open Medium New
#534 show X number of blogs per page when viewing blogs by category
19:11, 10-Feb-2009
zwen Open High New
#516 Unique URL with e107username for bloggers' journal
05:05, 26-Sep-2008
Arun Open Medium New
#491 Create printable version
02:44, 06-Jul-2008
supton Open Medium New
#472 diffetent metatags for each blog
21:05, 08-Mar-2008
subeesh r Open Medium New
#471 show blog tittle as page tittle
21:01, 08-Mar-2008
subeesh r Open High New
#447 Enable page title to display 'Userjournals' title.
08:37, 17-Dec-2007
supton Open Medium New
#435 Display latest blog as news item
16:32, 22-Sep-2007
TucknDar Open Low New
#398 total no. of entry
09:05, 12-Jun-2007
Ian Open High New
#352 Ability to upload files
08:23, 03-Apr-2007
Embrance Open Medium New
#124 Amount of comments in each blog
20:38, 02-Jan-2007
Egria Closed Low Implemented
#74 Writer menu customization
12:50, 08-Nov-2006
Clarendon Closed Low Implemented
#70 Flag/Report opetion?
12:50, 08-Nov-2006
shmuelios Closed Medium Rejected
#69 Flag/Report option?
18:00, 23-Nov-2006
shmuelios Open Medium Implemented
#63 x no of entries per page
18:19, 10-Feb-2009
supton Closed Medium Implemented
#41 Set number of bloggers in menu
12:50, 08-Nov-2006
webturtle0 Closed Low Implemented