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Application e107 Helper Project (feature requests) Owner bugrain
Description Feature requests for future versions of e107 Helper Project.

Current release candidate v1.0 RC6
Features requested 14 Status 8 Open, 6 Closed
Priority 6 Low, 8 Medium, 0 High, 0 Critical Resolution 0 Pending, 4 New, 4 Implemented, 0 Duplicate, 1 Later, 0 Out of date, 2 Rejected, 0 Awaiting Feedback, 3 Pending release
ID Summary Posted by Status Priority Resolution
#368 Option For Batch
12:54, 13-Apr-2007
acidfire Open Medium New
#314 Add clone option for admin database forms
17:14, 10-Jan-2007
bugrain Open Medium New
#276 Clear all custom fields
14:09, 04-Jan-2007
bugrain Open Medium Pending release
#259 Update checker
05:47, 18-Dec-2006
nlstart Open Medium New
#217 Add Tool tip functionality
05:29, 11-Dec-2006
bugrain Closed Medium Implemented
#216 Data integrity facility for admin pages
12:08, 24-Nov-2006
bugrain Open Medium New
#132 make custom fields mandatory
05:29, 11-Dec-2006
fipu Closed Low Implemented
#76 Ajax Suggestion
18:56, 15-Nov-2006
acidfire Closed Medium Rejected
#38 Option for hidden values
10:47, 19-Nov-2006
acidfire Closed Low Rejected
#32 E107Helper Examples
17:46, 10-Jan-2007
acidfire Open Low Pending release
#31 Add Image With No Dropdown
05:29, 11-Dec-2006
acidfire Closed Low Implemented
#27 Batch database entry
17:34, 10-Jan-2007
acidfire Open Low Pending release
#26 Multi Check Box
11:59, 24-Nov-2006
acidfire Open Low Later
#25 Finish Upload
05:29, 11-Dec-2006
acidfire Closed Medium Implemented