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e107 Helper Project v1.0 RC13
Author bugrain
Description Changes in this release
  • Added ability to have multiple custom field controls on same page
  • Added getTemplate() and getTemplateList()
  • Added option to omitt 'selection item' entries via plugin control
  • Added some buttons for OK/Cancel inline edit fields
  • Allow getting os a specific field, added $ix param to getFieldList()
  • Rating star changes to allow size of icon specificaion
  • Rating star changes to correct 'text display'
  • Started adding some helper functions for Ajax XML messages
  • Updates for inline edit
  • sendNotification changes to allow sending to userclass
Filesize 241.87 kB
Date Sun 20 May 2007 - 07:15:13
Downloads 1577
Not rated 


leolecroco (Comments: 1)

e107 Helper Project v1.0 RC13

Hello again -

i delete the "e107helpers" version "e107_helper_project_v0.8.zip "

and upload the "e107helpers 2" with the "e107helpers_v1.0_rc13.zip"

but after that the "plugin administration" is empty without all the other plug in ?

... dis you have a remed...

bugrain (Comments: 372)

e107 Helper Project v1.0 RC13

This is old, please use Download link at top of page. Most likely because you are using PHP 5.2.3+ I think, but in Helper fixed in later version.

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