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Election v0.4 beta
Author bugrain
Description A plugin that allows the holding of multiple Elections.

Elections can have as many candidates as required, a start/end date and variable number of points per vote.

Voting should be set up for members or user class only as voting is recorded against user ID.

Fairly straight forward, but a proper set of instructions to come later.

Changes in RC4
#356 [New feature] Allow guest voting
* Shortcode for total comments posted
* Shortcode for Vote Restriction text

You will also need The e107 Helper Project v1.0 RC12 or better.


No update from previous versions routine has been written. If you are upgrading from a previous release candidate then please run a Database check on Election and 'fix' the errors reported (a new table column was added).

*** Important *** If upgrading from a previous version then the database table for collecting votes will be set up incorrectly. The e107 DB check routines and/or MySQL do not seem to be able to handle this particular change via the Database check function. You must manually drop the Primary Key election_voter_user_id from the e107_election_voters table using phpMyAdmin or similar. Alternately, uninstall the previous version and then re-install this version.
Filesize 41.26 kB
Date Wed 04 April 2007 - 19:00:00
Downloads 1134
Not rated 

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