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ePlayer v1.91 RC4
Author bugrain
Description This is Release Candidate 4 of ePlayer v1.91.

v1.91 is a mainly a bug fix and e107 0.7.7 compatible release.

But, there's a couple of new features - consider them experimental or trial - that were requested.
* User galleries. It is now possible for users to have their own 'gallery'
* Viewer page. There is now a page (eplayer_viewer.php) that allows visitors to select items from ePlayer from a drop down list and view them - all without changing pages (uses Ajax).

Change summary
# Added (optional) description to viewer page
# Added ability to display all items in viewer list and display a message for userclass restricted items
# Added prefs. page for viewer page options
# Changed to use XML form/e107 Helper
# Constants for table names
# Fix for e107Helper inclusion
# Inline edit of User Gallery description field (experimental)
# Security enhancements
# Updates for new field in eplayer table
# Upload page enhancements to report errors better
# Use request.php for downloads
# User galleries
# Viewer page
#213 [Core] Upload fails if no date entered
#214 [Core] Debug code adding entries in admin
#215 [GUI] Upload category drop down display
#273 [Core] File Size
* 'permalink' (full URL of file) displayed on clip page
* Added code to set browser page title
* Added extra info. display (hidden by default) when errors occur
* Additional info on SQL error
* Exit if e107 Helper plugin not found to prevent this error being missed or spurious other error displays
* Fix for external files with URL parameters
* Minor fixes for display
* Removed other language files - no longer part of release
* Text display fixes
* Use e107 for file downloads rather than 'e107 copied code'
* e_comment.php broken in e107 0.7.6

You should also download the latest version of e107 Helper - V1.0 RC12.
Filesize 53.9 kB
Date Tue 23 January 2007 - 19:00:00
Downloads 1574
 10.0 - 1 vote 


TuRBo_1 (Comments: 3)

ePlayer v1.91 RC4

I can't creat category.

Database insert failed (Unknown column 'cat_uploaders' in 'field list')
(cat_name, cat_description, cat_icon, cat_display_order, cat_parent_category, cat_visibility, cat_uploaders) values ('test', 'test', '../../e107_images/adminlogo.png', '1', '0', '0', '0')

and i have last e107 Helper v1.0 RC12
bugrain (Comments: 372)

ePlayer v1.91 RC4

Have you run a database check on ePlayer? I think it will show missing column(s), fix these.
TuRBo_1 (Comments: 3)

ePlayer v1.91 RC4

i tryed but no errors... i don't understand this :S
But for me working ePlayer v1.91 RC2 normal.
TuRBo_1 (Comments: 3)

ePlayer v1.91 RC4

"Display order Determines the order this category will be displayed relative to other categories"
I think this doing problams
bugrain (Comments: 372)

ePlayer v1.91 RC4

Moved to forum post
Chad S (Comments: 5)

ePlayer v1.91 RC4

Is there a way to make a menu that posts the latest added Clips? We really need this.
I've tried but to no avail. Simply an option in a menu to list latest 5 or 10 posted clips, and maybe even most downloaded/viewed in another or same. Not sure how to go about building this or I would do it for you. Thank you. Awesome Two Thumbs Up on this player btw.
bugrain (Comments: 372)

Re: ePlayer v1.91 RC4

Use the List plugin with the List Recent menu.
Chad S (Comments: 5)

Re: ePlayer v1.91 RC4

Thanks for the reply.
I've tried that. Even after check marking the eplayer options. It always shows empty. Not sure why. I've also made sure that there are no errors in the Database. All looks good and works well. Just no ability to show latest additions. Even using the List plugin. Maybe its the version of list that Im using. Let me go and try finding different versions of it. btw im not on the new 2.0 im on the 1.0.4 latest just before the new beta. I like that e107 the best, myself.
Yea, what ever the reason, and Im not sure. But the List plugin doesn't keep up with EPlayer even though I have check marked the EPlayer options.
Any ideas?
bugrain (Comments: 372)

Re: ePlayer v1.91 RC4


Not really - have it working on one of my sites - been fine for ages.

Does anything else work with List plugin?
Chad S (Comments: 5)

Re: ePlayer v1.91 RC4

Yes Bug, everything works with it, just not eplayer.
One of the other things I noticed was that the Categories Listing on front page shows my Categories as well as one I can't remove. User galleries
"Galleries from out members" 'our' is mispelled as well hehe. Its not in the DB under cat_name in the db eplayer_category. Im not sure why its showing up or how to remove it though.
Now that I have 400+ clips in the DB.
Im afraid to uninstall it and re-install it to see if I can get list to work. There is alot of hours of work in the movie clips...
Chad S (Comments: 5)

Re: ePlayer v1.91 RC4

Chad S (Comments: 5)

Re: ePlayer v1.91 RC4

Lower right shows that the latest user registered.
btw I did uninstall the plugin, after dumping the sql files. Then redownloaded it and reinstalled it. Im giving up. Oh Well. Maybe someone can look at making an Eplayer menu. That would be awesome. Thanks Again.

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