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e107 Helper v1.0 RC12
Author bugrain
Description Release to accompany Batch Upload v1.0 RC1 and a fix for custom fields.

Also, a couple of experimental stuff I'm working on.

Changes in this release
# Added 'nopath' tag for tags that generate filenames so that file path can be ommitted
# Fix to Custom fields (add didn't work!)
# Inline edit fields (experimental, subject to change)
# Resizable textarea fields (experimental, subject to change)
Filesize 239.89 kB
Date Sat 20 January 2007 - 19:00:00
Downloads 2159
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par5n2 (Comments: 2)

e107 Helper v1.0 RC12

Bugrain, I downloaded and tried to install Helpers several times and each time get these error messages:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected $end in D: \Eastreg\Web\glt\e107_plugins\e107helpers\e107Help erForm_class.php on line 1633

Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: e107helperform in D: \Eastreg\Web\glt\e107_plugins\e107helpers\e107Help er.php on line 126

bugrain (Comments: 372)

Re: e107 Helper v1.0 RC12

Sounds like you have corrupt files to me.

Most likely on the upload of the files to your server as the download from my site is fin for others.

Can be confirmed by running a File inspector check on e107 Helper.

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