a the knowledge quiz

It’s Sunday, week 499 of lockdown, or so it seems. Which means yet another week of no Fagan’s theme quiz.

This week, we’ve been on holiday (from work) and noticed that Fagan’s is open again. Could this be that last Not The Fagan’s Quiz?

Its the usual 20 questions, again. But, I have to own up to pilfering this quiz from a taxi driver friend of mine, so the format is a bit different. By which I mean cryptic!

This week, it’s a straight through 20 questions, answers of which are simply linked by the theme – Sheffield taxi driver “the knowledge”

There are no “sound-a-likes” or embedded words.

The use of electronic devices to divine the answers, with the exception of hearing aids and pacemakers, is forbidden.


As it’s a bit different, here’s an example question:

0. Timber dwelling


1. Mid-point

2. Factory cottages

3. Angry pond

4. Block the orifice with it

5. Maximum timber

6. Phallic sound

7. Poachers tavern

8. Verdant mound

9. Burnt rap

10. Shiny bit

11. Ramble meadow

12. Central wish rocks

13. Clever copse

14. Collect within

15. Beach entrance

16. Cowpat value

17. Bouncy Frenchman’s town

18. Brush knoll

19. Recreation cranium

20. In-between timber