a have your cake and eat it quiz

It’s Sunday, week 10 of Lockdown 3! As usual, no Fagan’s theme quiz!

This week has been quiztastic. As well as writing this one, we’ve hosted an online quiz and participated in another – in the same evening!

It’s a quiz of 20 questions, and the theme is back.

There’s may be “sound-a-likes” or embedded words.

The use of electronic devices to divine the answers, with the exception of hearing aids and pacemakers, is forbidden.

1. The books Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan, Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler and Conversations with Myself by Nelson Mandela all have what in common?

2. What is the name of this popular beat combo?

3. Toxteth, Knotty Ash and Sefton Park can all be found in which city?

4. The statue of travel agent Thomas Cook can be seen outside which cities station as a tribute to his first organised trip, by train to Loughborough, in 1841?

5. Which is England’s most northerly national park?

6. Who is the artist and song, from 1983, in this video?

7. Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, Oxfordshire is the seat of which Dukes?

8. Which football team’s only period in the top division to date lasted 34 consecutive years between 1967 and 2001, have only one major trophy win – the FA Cup in 1987 – and regularly have their 1978-81 away kit voted as the worst kit ever?

9. What is a gingerbread cake traditionally made with oatmeal and black treacle, which originated in northern England and is traditionally eaten on Guy Fawkes Night?

10. What is the British policy of deinstitutionalisation, treating and caring for physically and mentally disabled people in their homes rather than in an institution, that was introduced in 1983, called?

11. What is the foremost part of a ship or boat called?

12. By what name does this popular beat combo go by?

13. Which battle, that took place on 21 October 1805, was an engagement between the British and combined French and Spanish forces during the War of the Third Coalition?

14. On which show did guest Billy Connolly threatened Rod Hull with the line “If that bird comes anywhere near me, I’ll break its neck and your bloody arm!”?

15. Which English comedian, presenter, actor, and writer is best known as JP in the TV series Fresh Meat and Alfie Wickers in the series Bad Education and, since 2018, he has been the host of the Brit Awards?

16. Another popular beat combo and song to name?

17. Which monthly British magazine was published from January 1891 to March 1950, running to 711 issues and was composed of short fiction and general interest articles?

18. Oscar Wild (1895), Dr, Crippen (1910), John Christie (1953), Hugh Cornwall (1980) and Pete Doherty (2005) have all spent time where, at her majesties pleasure?

19. Who is the presenter, broadcaster and journalist best known as the host of his BBC Radio 2 lunchtime programme which presents news, views, interviews with live guests and popular music and is also the host of the Channel 5 quiz show, Eggheads?

20. Who is this and what is the title of the song she is “singing”?